Life throws you curves, but you can be prepared by saving with our health solutions.

Members can enjoy one-stop shopping when it comes to their health insurance needs. Blue Cross Blue Shield has provided health care insurance for Texans for more than 80 years, and we are pleased to offer coverage to our members through this outstanding company. Your Farm Bureau insurance agent can tell you more about this plan or visit your county Farm Bureau office.

Here is a quick review of what Beltone can offer to your association and their immediate family members (grandparents, parents, spouse and children) through our Beltone Hearing Care Network of 1,400+ Preferred Providers.

Free Hearing Screening

  • A 10-Step Evaluation Process
  • No cost to you to determine if and to what extent you may have a hearing loss.

20% Retail Discount

  • Off the retail price of any Beltone Hearing Aid with over 80 models to choose from.
  • All hearing aid technologies available; state of the art digital hearing aids, programmable and analog aids.

BelCare™ Member Satisfaction Plan

  • A standardized customer service program that ensures you consistent delivery of service regardless of the Beltone location.
  • BelCare™ is a commitment from Beltone hearing care practitioners that ensures your experience is professional, comfortable and worry-free.

Lifetime Care Program

  • Beltone will service, clean, inspect, adjust and service your hearing aid at any Beltone location in the United States for the life of your hearing aid.

Warranty and Lost, Stolen or Damaged Protection Coverage

National Finance Options Available

Hearing Care Information and Provider Location Information at

  • Over 100 Beltone locations throughout Texas
  • Over 1,400 Beltone locations nationwide

Who Has a Hearing Loss?

• Approximately 28 million Americans (10%) are hearing impaired, but fewer than 20% actually seek help.

• 1 out of 4 people over age 65 has a hearing loss.

• It is the third most prevalent chronic condition behind arthritis and hypertension.

Common Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

• People seem to mumble more frequently.

• Difficulty understanding some of the words in a conversation.

• Often need to ask people to repeat themselves.

• Telephone conversation is difficult.

• Family complains the TV or radio is being played too loud.

• No longer hear normal household sounds, such as a faucet dripping or doorbell ringing.

• Experience ringing in the ears.

• Speak too loudly.

• Difficulty understanding conversations in groups or crowds.

Texas Farm Bureau has contracted with Careington to provide members with deep discounts on dental care. The dental care discount plans are available to all members, regardless of age, current health condition or employment status.

To learn more about how the plans can help you save money, call 888.442.2780.

Texas Farm Bureau members can participate in the Coast to Coast Vision™ Plan (CTC) and save from 20% to 60% off conventional retail prices on lenses and frames. The Vision Plan is offered through a national network of preferred providers with more than 14,000 retail outlets across the U.S. Over 1,000 of those are in Texas, such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Eyemasters, Texas State Optical, JCPenney, Target and Sears. A dedicated toll-free number, 1-800-488-RURAL (1-800-488-7872), is available for Farm Bureau members to call to obtain locations in their area.  The plan may be used whether at home or while traveling. Discounts on eye examinations are available from some providers.

Please note: When entering a 4 digit TFB member number, you must include 5 zeros preceding the membership number. When entering a 6 digit TFB member number, you must include 3 zeros preceding the membership number when looking for a provider. The group code is TFB001.

The retail plan is supplemented by a mail-order discount program, America's Eyewear, which offers replacement contact lenses (written prescription required) at 10% to 40% percent or more off retail prices. That phone number is 1.800.878.3901. For LASIK and other laser surgeries at 40% to 50% off the overall national average, call 1.877.307.4448.

For answers to your questions on this program, contact your county Farm Bureau office.

To find the provider nearest you, click here.

This is not insurance, nor is it intended to replace insurance.

Available only in Texas.

You must call CTC at 1.800.800.3937 prior to visiting one of the providers in order to receive your discount.

Prescription discounts are available through NBrx and Agelity.

With NBrx, you and your family can save 10% to 85% off the brand and generic prices of your prescription drugs. Simply present your Member ID and the BIN and PCN numbers below along with your prescription at a participating pharmacy for immediate savings! Your membership information is accepted at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Rite-Aid, Walmart and more!

Visit to locate a participating pharmacy near you and to compare drug prices at different pharmacies. Click here for a printable discount card.  (Group # TFB001; BIN # 011677; PCN# HT). Call 1.800.800.7616.

Agelity offers instant discounts on prescriptions at participating pharmacies by simply presenting your TFB membership card. Print out your discount card and learn more about the program here!

No enrollment or periodic fees apply. (Group # TXFB; BIN # 009265; PCN # AG; Family Members Dependent # 001) Call 866.292.7822.

This is not insurance and not intended to replace insurance.