Texas Farm Bureau legislative grassroots advocacy

Combining commodity-specific concerns with regulatory impacts. Texas Farm Bureau Commodity and Regulatory staff works to influence decisions on rules and regulations that affect farmers and ranchers on a state and national level. That’s the main goal of the Commodity and Regulatory Activities division. But we go much further than that:

  • Provide leadership on environmental and labor issues
  • Assist Farm Bureau members in dealing with regulatory and administrative actions at the state and national levels.
  • Give producer-members an opportunity to take part in programs and activities directly related to their individual commodities.
  • Ensure that all actions reflect policy adopted by Texas Farm Bureau members for the benefit of members.

The Commodity division was created by delegates in 1971. The purpose was “An opportunity to be provided for Farm Bureau members, having a common commodity interest, to work together within the structure of the Farm Bureau organization to analyze problems of mutual interest or concern to develop and recommend to the Farm Bureau organization ways and means for solving problems, meeting needs objectives within policy guidelines of the Farm Bureau organization.”

Implementation of environmental law is often a high priority of our regulatory activities.

Agricultural regulations, environmental concerns and consumer issues. Stay current on what’s trending in agriculture and how it can affect you.