Setting goals on state and national agriculture issues.

Issues important to agriculture and rural Texas. They are vast, complicated and misunderstood. That’s why the Texas Farm Bureau board—with direction from county Farm Bureau leaders throughout the policy development process—annually sets a roadmap for leaders and staff to follow. So those issues most important to agriculture and rural Texas get the attention they deserve.

State Priorities: 86th Texas Legislature

Texas Farm Bureau walks the halls of the Capitol, ensuring your grassroots voice is heard.

Ensure property owners’ rights are protected under eminent domain law.
Protect the rights of landowners and agricultural producers to surface water and groundwater. Oppose legislation that attempts to take any constitutionally protected rights to water.
Ensure state tax policy does not adversely impact or burden agricultural producers or the agricultural industry. Protect the current state tax provisions that limit the burden on producing food, fiber and other agricultural products for consumers.
Protect the rights of agricultural producers to engage in normally-accepted agricultural practices on their land.  Oppose unnecessary regulatory authority over rural land.
Ensure vehicle, trailer and driver’s license regulations do not adversely impact or burden agricultural producers or the agricultural industry.
Protect the ability of agricultural producers to utilize generally-accepted, scientifically-proven production practices for livestock, poultry and other animals present on agricultural operations.
Support legalizing reasonable chemical controls for feral hogs. Support maintaining all current legal methods of controlling feral hogs.
Support the adequate funding of the agency by the Legislature.
National Priorities: 116th Congress, First Session

Congressman Brady Death Tax Tour

Actively work to pass a new farm bill to ensure the concerns of Texas agricultural producers are addressed and an effective safety net is maintained.
Support the passage of trade agreements that benefit production agriculture. Work to protect farmers and ranchers from retaliatory tariffs.
Support efforts to eradicate the cattle fever tick and maintain and/or increase funding for research.
Support comprehensive immigration reform that includes a temporary visa provision for agricultural laborers. Support resolution of the border fence issue that recognizes the property rights of private landowners.
Support comprehensive reform of the federal regulatory process and the Endangered Species Act to reduce regulatory burdens on agricultural producers.
Seek to extend and/or make permanent key agricultural provisions included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Work to provide a long-term solution for farmers, ranchers and haulers impacted by burdensome Electronic Logging Device and Hours of Service mandates.
Protect producers, animal agriculture and the meat industry from imitation meat substitute labeling and marketing.
Pursue legislation to safeguard property owners from federal agencies’ claims to privately owned land.
Defend against legislation that would reduce or eliminate access and/or use of approved agricultural technologies (GMO, feed additives, antibiotics, etc.).