Texas Farm Bureau legislative grassroots advocacy

The goal of the Texas Farm Bureau Legal division is to safeguard members’ interests and Farm Bureau policy in the courts. The Texas Farm Bureau Legal Defense Fund is the primary tool, with the primary objective to implement Farm Bureau agricultural and rural policy issues through the state and federal court systems.

Farm Bureau uses these funds to participate in legal actions either as a party, intervenor, as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) or as a financial contributor to policy-related litigation efforts of others. The Texas Farm Bureau Legal Defense Fund cannot be used to provide legal advice to individuals, but is used in cases that involve Farm Bureau policy issues. Generally, it is used on issues that will have a statewide effect on agriculture or property rights.

The Legal department also serves as counsel for Texas Farm Bureau by providing legal advice to the state board of directors, the executive director and other management staff. The department works closely with all departments and files lobby, ethics and other compliance reports with state and federal agencies.

Legal Staff