A research survey for Extension winter wheat educators in Texas and three other states is focusing on agricultural decision-timing, weather and climate-related threats and seasonal forecast information needs in the winter wheat community.

Toni Klemm is a Geography Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. He hopes findings from his online survey of Extension contacts in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado will help winter wheat producers make better decisions. Klemm said his survey is approved by both the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the University of Oklahoma.

“My research connects the fields of social science, agriculture and meteorology. Tailored climate forecasts acknowledge the specific needs winter wheat producers have, regarding the forecast information, like growing degree days or consecutive days below freezing or in terms of the month(s) when this information is needed, for example, to help with fertilizer application, scheduling of planting and harvesting and managing water resources,” said Klemm. “My research will lay the groundwork to make these tailored forecasts operational that can aid many decisions, which could be especially important during hot or dry years like the Great Plains have experienced recently.”

AgriLife Extension educators wishing to participate in the online survey can contact Klemm at toni@ou.edu.