Warmer temperatures and an adequate amount of rain this winter will help the East Texas rose industry have a successful season.

“The weather really is favorable to us right now. We are having spring-like temperatures and just a reasonable amount of rain so far, not the overabundance of rain we had last spring,” Mark Chamblee, owner of Chamblee’s Rose Nursery in Tyler, said in an interview with the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) Radio Network.

Roses don’t flourish in an environment that’s too wet.

“An overabundance of water does cause some disease issues and some rooting issues, as well,” Chamblee said.

Customers who come into Chamblee’s nursery are looking for colorful roses that are easy to care for. And Chamblee’s Rose Nursery has plenty of varieties to provide customers with any type of rose to satisfy their landscape needs.

“Disease resistance is something that is very important to us,” Chamblee said.

Chamblee works with a German company, Kordes, the oldest rose breeding company in the world. Kordes roses have superior genetics and research. Their roses have bright colors and different types of growing conditions that make them a good choice for customers.

The business doesn’t just serve the local community of Tyler and Smith County. Their mail order business ships to customers from all over the U.S.

“The thing that makes a lot of our roses attractive to them is that we do have such a wide variety of roses that will do very well in the different temperate regions of the U.S,” Chamblee said.