By Russell Boening
Texas Farm Bureau President

Another membership year has come and gone, and we have once again achieved a membership gain. For 18 consecutive years, Texas Farm Bureau has been growing. This year, we hit another milestone—526,877 member-families.

Alone, our voice has little impact. But together, as a united voice to represent Texas agriculture, we can enact change. We’ve seen those changes on a state and national level when it comes to regulations and programs.

Continued membership growth fuels our influence in the halls of Austin and Washington, D.C. It gives credibility to our advocacy efforts for agriculture and rural Texas. It adds strength to our policy efforts and provides resources to our benefits and services programs.

Texas Farm Bureau is made up of individuals who collectively work together to ensure agriculture stays strong and the rural way of life remains viable.

We are Texans who share the same concerns and are unafraid to tackle issues that affect farms, ranches and rural communities. We stand by each other.

We’ve seen changes and challenges over the year, but one thing remains constant. We are a grassroots agricultural organization, and you, our membership, is our driving force.

Dedication and loyalty to our organization is part of what makes us great.

Our membership gain is a collective achievement, earned by all of us. County leaders, members, our state board of directors, staff and others have been living examples of the value of membership.

Our gain this year was significant. On behalf of the state board of directors, I want to say “thank you.”

Our best days are ahead of us. Together, we’ll be the Voice of Texas Agriculture.