Farmers now have additional options that allow application of Topguard Terra fungicide before or after planting.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has approved a FIFRA 2(ee) supplemental label for additional methods of application, according to AgFax News.

The fungicide may be applied 30 days before planting 2-4 inches directly below where the seed is to be planted.

The fungicide can also be applied pre-emergence in a 3- to 4-inch band behind the planter press wheel and over the top to 1-2 leaf cotton and applied as a direct spray to the base of 2-4 leaf cotton.

FMC Agricultural Solutions recommends the use of higher rates on irrigated fields or where high infestations of cotton root rot are common.

Rainfall or irrigation is required to move Topguard Terra into the infection zone.

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently approved an amendment of the Section 3 label to allow application through the drip tape as well.

Growers are encouraged to continue checking the websites, or contact dealers for the label, as they will need to have the amended label when they apply the fungicide with these additional methods.

These alternative methods are intended to minimize the risk of root rot that sometimes occurs when Topguard Terra is applied at planting and are based on field experiments, according to AgFax News.