Texas Farm Bureau's FarmLead Program


Take the next step in agriculture. Be a leader. Grow through action. And leave a lasting legacy. Texas Farm Bureau’s FarmLead program does just that.

Farmers and ranchers, above age 40, from across Texas are investing in their future and the future of Texas agriculture. Today.


Advocacy, leadership development, networking and tackling current issues. It’s a small part of the agricultural way of life. One that experienced farmers and ranchers—like you—can take advantage of through this program.

It’s a rewarding experience. And it pays dividends for you and for Texas agriculture.

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Empowering you—Texas farmers and ranchers. And expanding horizons.

Agricultural leadership can take you places beyond the fencerow. To serving in political roles at the local, state or national level. Speaking up on behalf of agriculture. Or paving the way with innovative technology.

FarmLead helps get you there. See how.

Texas Farm Bureau FarmLead Objectives


Eager to be a member of FarmLead? Take your skills to the next level with fellow experienced farmers and ranchers. Dive deeper into politics, advocacy and leadership today!

Apply to be part of the next class today!

For more information and details, contact Jamie Gipe at 254-751-8703.

Texas Farm Bureau FarmLead Application


Travel across Texas and the nation to meet face-to-face with key political leaders, decision-makers and industry representatives.

Stay current on the latest information. And get an inside look at new production techniques that are transforming agriculture. Talk with farmers and ranchers across the state and country.

Session 1 – Waco (with AgLead XII)
November 5-7, 2014

Session 2 – Austin (with AgLead XII)
April 13-16, 2015

Session 3 – Chicago/Midwest
September 14-17, 2015

Session 1 – Waco
November 14-17, 2016

Session 2 – Austin
April 2017

Session 3 – Midwest
July 2017

Session 4 – California
September 2017

Session 5 – Washington, D.C.
March 2018

FarmLead V 2016 Sessions

Session 4 – Washington, D.C. (with AgLead XII)
March 14-17

Session 5 – California
June 20-24


Cultivating agriculture for generations to come takes time and effort. Experienced farmers and ranchers—like you—willing to invest both will continue to build the future of Texas agriculture.

Expand, explore and develop. That’s what five classes of FarmLead members did. And continue to do today.

Meet the current participants.