A new monthly podcast produced by the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation (RPQRF) features the insights of Dr. Dale Rollins on the happenings at the Foundation’s research ranch in Fisher County and elsewhere in the world of quail.

Dr. Dale on Quail premiered in March and is co-hosted by Gary Joiner, Texas Farm Bureau senior associate director of Communications. Rollins is the executive director of RPQRF.

“We hope this podcast will be a great way to stay up to date with everything happening here at the ranch and in the world of quail, as well as an opportunity to hear from the men and women who work so hard all across our country to preserve our heritage of wild quail hunting for generations to come,” RPQRF said in announcing the inaugural podcast episode.

The first episode featured information on the history of the RPQRF, why it was founded, its mission and its research efforts to date.

This second episode in the Dr. Dale on Quail podcast series is all about Rollins’ lifetime love of quail and his journey from growing up in Hollis, Oklahoma, to becoming a national leader in quail conservation. Rollins explores his past and connects his personal and professional experiences with his role in quail conservation today.

Other episodes will discuss the state of quail in Texas, methodologies to restore quail populations, predation management, supplemental watering and food for quail, quail myths and other quail-centric topics.

Dr. Dale on Quail podcasts can be accessed online at www.quailresearch.org/resources/#podcasts.